Workplace Injuries

Have You Suffered A Workplace Injury?

Workplace Injury

If you’ve been injured in the work place, you are not alone. All over Australia there are literally thousands and thousands of workers who suffer injuries on the job each year. These injuries are caused by a number of factors, but the end result is always the same: loss. Lost wages, lost time, and lost quality of life. Don’t take these losses sitting down, you have the right to apply for workers compensation and to get the help you are owed in getting your health and life back.

Workplace Injuries

No one is immune from the possibility of getting injured at work. Whether you’re a nurse in a hospital or a foreman on a construction site, accidents can happen anywhere.

Some fact about workplace injuries:

    • Most on the job injuries happen to males
    • Construction workers are more likely to be injured than other workers
    • Tools are frequently involved in workplace injuries
    • A large number of at work injuries occur to the eyes and hands

Common causes of on the job injuries include:

      • Dropped items
      • Slip and falls
      • Repetitive strain
      • Occupational diseases

What To Do After A Workplace Injury

After you’ve been injured it’s critical that you:

      • Report That You’ve Been Injured to Your Employer – This report should be in writing, preferably in the company’s Accident Book, that way there is a record that can be traced in the case of any questions or problems in the future.
      • Seek Medical Assistance – Most employers will automatically require that you receive a medical evaluation by a physician, but even if they do not, you should do so on your own. Make sure that in addition to keeping a copy of your evaluation, you continue to document any continued medical treatment that you receive as well.

Do you qualify for workpace injury compensation?

Just because you are injured on the job does not mean that you will be able to file a workers compensation claim. Your injury may not qualify under the laws of workers injury compensation if:

      • You were in violation of company and state laws at the time the accident occurred
      • You fail to notify your employer in an adequate amount of time

Due to the complexity of the law and the nature of your injury, seeking legal assistance if you’ve been injured on the job can help make your transition through this process much smoother.

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